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Telkom is the first user of the most advanced AI supercomputer (NVIDIA DGX A100) in Indonesia

Director of Digital Business Telkom M. Fajrin Rasyid (left) tries the Augmented Reality technology developed by the Advanced Technology Research (ATR) Lab. Currently Telkom is focusing on developing Artificial Intelligent research as one of the focuses of the company's digital business platform going forward.
Jakarta, 31 December 2020 - In order to achieve the company's vision to become the first-choice digital telecommunication company that can advance society, PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Telkom) continues to explore digital business development, especially future technologies that are predicted to become mainstream technology in 3 to 5 years (Horizon 2 & 3). One of them is Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology research for the areas of AI Voice, AI Image / Video, and AI Text / NLP. AI technology is predicted to be an excessively big business in the future, where AI and analytical technology will also be one of the drivers of industry 4.0 growth.
Throughout 2020, Telkom is developing the ATR (Advanced Technology Research) Laboratory which will include the AI ​​Lab, Robotic Lab, RPA (Robotic Programming Automation) Lab, Blockchain Lab, AR (Augmented Reality) / VR (Virtual Reality) Lab, Biosignal Lab, and other cutting-edge technology. Currently, Telkom's ATR Lab is equipped with the NVIDIA DGX A100, a sophisticated supercomputer device specifically designed to handle AI workloads, which will be used to support research in the AI ​​Lab to make it faster in processing training data and AI algorithm modelling. Telkom is the first user of the most advanced AI supercomputer (NVIDIA DGX A100) in Indonesia. It is hoped that this device can accelerate the development of solutions based on use cases in the AI ​​Lab so that it is more optimal and faster in producing AI-based products.
Telkom's Digital Business Director, M. Fajrin Rasyid, said, "Being the first user of the most advanced AI supercomputer (NVIDIA DGX A100) in Indonesia is a manifestation of our commitment to developing digital business going forward. With the capability of the NVIDIA DGX A100 which is a platform for AI with the best performance in the world today, it is hoped that the research and use cases developed at the Digital Innovation Laboratory that focus on exploring digital business developments, especially for future technology, will be more optimal and faster in producing. AI-based products in Telkom and able to accelerate the development of digital talent in Indonesia. "
Fajrin added, Telkom also wants to contribute to society as a technology hub that provides incubator services for start-up companies and collaborates in AI research with various universities, businesses, communities, government and the media. "Until now, Telkom has been actively participating in research in the health sector, especially by using AI technology, such as early detection of eye diseases based on medical images of the eyes," he said.
In order to transform into a digital telecommunications company, Telkom focuses on three digital business domains, namely digital connectivity, digital platforms, and digital services. AI is one part of the digital platform where Telkom will continue to accelerate this domain by providing a smart platform on it as an enabler for various ICT services and solutions. "The presence of the ATR Lab with the super sophisticated NVIDIA DGX A100 computer equipment is expected to support the development of AI research so that it can produce useful use cases and increase Indonesia's competitiveness through innovations created, not only for Telkom but BUMN and other agencies.

Source: Telkom Indonesia (Bahasa)