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Dedicated Internet Access - guaranteed 100% bandwidth Point-to-Point connection. (Telkom Indonesia ASN :17974)

Does your business success absolutely rely on the internet ? Everyone knows that at certain times of day traffic becomes congested and this can tramsalte to a loss of money for your business. So, choosing a Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) over Cable and DSL Internet service is one way you can avoid losing money in regards to a stable and efficient internet connection.

At neuCentrIX, we provide you with a highly competitive Direct Internet Access (DIA) "Telkom Indonesia ASN: 17974" for your business needs right here in Hong Kong. Telkom Indonesia ASN: 17974 has a ping of less than 40ms and a high download and upload speed that can help keep your business activities in speed lane in the internet environment.

You can also contact us today for a free inquiry on what it will take to upgrade your business internet connection to DIA.